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Uzbekistan’s 44-year-old gymnast heads to her 8th Olympics

France24 »

Chusovitina started her career competing for the USSR but after it collapsed she got her first taste of the Olympics at Barcelona in 1992 in a team representing the ex-Soviet states.

There, she scooped team gold but she had to wait another 16 years — and four Games — for an individual Olympic medal.

That came when she won silver on the vault in Beijing in 2008. At that point, Chusovitina was representing Germany, after moving there in 2002 to get her son Alisher treatment for leukaemia that proved successful.

Watch » Facing It

A brilliant animated short film by Sam Gainsborough about social anxiety.

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Shaun always feels separate and isolated from the confident, happy world around him. Whilst waiting for his parents in a busy pub, Shaun struggles valiantly to join in with the admirably happy people in the crowd, but the more he tries, the more he goes awry. As everything in the pub goes from bad to worse, Shaun finds himself confronted by the painful memories that made him who he is. His feelings, memories and desires overwhelm him and by the end of the evening he is ready to explode…

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Michelle Obama sends Greta Thunberg message of support

The simple fool proving once again just how lacking in good judgment he is »

The Guardian »

Michelle Obama has sent a public message of support to the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg after the teenager was mocked by Donald Trump.

“@GretaThunberg, Don’t let anyone dim your light,” the former first lady wrote following a visit to Vietnam. “Like the girls I’ve met in Vietnam and all over the world, you have so much to offer us all. Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on.”

The former First Lady’s Tweet »

A diet that is healthy for us is also better for the environment

Researchers have found that most foods that promote good health, also tend to be better for the environment. And the reverse also holds true. If the food is bad for you, it’s probably also bad for the planet. Red meat, for example, both increases your risk of death and its production and processing is terrible for the environment.

Maria Godoy, writing for NPR »

In a vast new analysis published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Tilman and his co-authors looked at the health and environmental impacts of 15 different food groups, including nuts, fruits, vegetables, red meat, dairy, eggs, fish, olive oil, legumes and sugar-sweetened beverages.

The foods were ranked relative to one another based on how they influence the risk of disease and the toll they take on the planet in terms of water and land use, greenhouse gas emissions and how they impact pollution of water and soil.

Most of the time, the researchers found that foods that promote good health also tended to be better for the planet — and vice versa.

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More » HealthDay, Science Daily

A 70-year old grandmother bikes Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’

Mirtha Munoz, a 70-year-old runner from Bolivia, participated in the Sky Race, Bolivia’s toughest cycling competition which takes place in Andean mountains on a road known as “The way of death.”

Daniel Ramos, writing for Reuters »

The world´s most dangerous road spirals skyward nearly 11,000 feet, from the country´s lowland jungles to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Fog, rain, rockslides and sheer cliffs are main attractions. The road has likely claimed thousands of lives.

But for 70-year old Bolivian Mirtha Munoz, the oldest ever competitor in Bolivia´s 60 km (37 mile) Skyrace, an extreme bike racing competition, it was a natural extension of a passion she picked up years ago.

More » The Guardian

Canada’s North is warming much faster than the global average » What it’s like living in a place that is warming three times faster than the rest of the world

Wildfires, mudslides, and an influx of wolves » Paul Josie, 33-years-old, from Old Crow, Yukon, the most northwestern community in Canada, tells us what it’s like living in a place that has declared a climate emergency.

Paul Josie; as told to Jackie Hong, on Vice »

I remember growing up, they would take me out in October, and we would set nets and fish the coho salmon under the ice. Now, we’re looking at December and it’s not even safe to go on the ice in some places. We are learning to travel on the land again as opposed to using the knowledge that was passed on to us from our elders on which way to go, which time of year to go.

Even just this year, we had -4 C in February when usually temperatures are at least -30 C or -40 C. I was dog-sledding in February and it was warm enough to just mush in a sweater.

In March, we had rain. We usually don’t see rain until June. A few years ago we actually had thunder and lightning at the end of May, which we’ve never seen before, where the storms were so powerful.

Greta Thunberg speaking to the United Nations General Assembly September 23, 2019

I was so moved today when I saw Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN General Assembly earlier today, that I wanted to do something. Something to support her. Something to support other young people fighting this fight. Something to help make this a better world for them and future generations. For all of us. So, in my small way, I have started this site, ClimateNews.ca, and hopefully, it will help bring attention to our environmental emergency.

Please follow and support Greta on YouTube and Twitter.

Bianca Andreescu » “I know you guys wanted Serena to win … I’m sorry.”

Canada’s  is the 2019 U.S. Open Champion.

The 19-year-old defeated Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5, becoming Canada’s first-ever Grand Slam singles champion.

Bianca is a first-generation Canadian, child of immigrants, Nicu and Maria, who escaped from Romania in 1994 with nothing but two suitcases. Their daughter just made Canadian tennis history.

Speaking to the crowd after winning, Bianca made a very Canadian statement. She apologized for winning »

I know you guys wanted Serena to win … I’m sorry.

Bianca is » Humble. Strong. Kind. Hard working. Fit. The future.

And today she made every Canadian 🇨🇦 proud.

» Take a minute to watch the video in the tweet below.

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