Happy Meal has always been a misnomer. But, it seems, more so in Canada.

Sam Chambers, writing for Bloomberg:

McDonald’s Corp. is removing cheeseburgers from its fabled Happy Meal menus as the fast-food giant responds to a clamor for healthier eating.

All Happy Meals advertised on U.S. menu boards will be 600 calories or less by June, McDonald’s said in a statement Thursday. While the classic cheeseburger will still be available if a customer requests it, the listed entree choice will be a hamburger or a box of chicken nuggets.

The world’s largest fast-food chain established global limits for calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugar in Happy Meals for the first time. So why not also in Canada?


On Thursday, McDonald’s in the U.S. announced that cheeseburgers and chocolate milk will be pulled from its Happy Meal menu to help reduce calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar that kids consume at its restaurants.

“In Canada, we haven’t made those specific decisions related to cheeseburgers and chocolate milk,” Adam Grachnik, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada, said in an email on Friday.