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Patagonia partners with iFixit to offer step-by-step instructions for fixing damaged gear

In partnership with iFixit, Patagonia customers can learn product care and basic sewing techniques like sewing a button or how to thread a sewing machine, while product guides across a variety of categories like outerwear and luggage help with even more advanced repairs like replacing zippers on jackets or handles on bags and leather goods.

By enabling customers to make repairs to their goods as well as keep what they already own, Patagonia adds value to its brand by making customers feel like their clothing is something to keep for a lifetime, further strengthening the connection they feel with the brand.

Patagonia has also published a lengthy Product Care Guide on iFixit that includes detailed instructions for laundering rain jackets and reapplying DWR, removing stains, and caring for the wide range of fabrics and materials that the company uses.

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Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Tesla, and others sign letter backing Paris Agreement and urging U.S. President to honor the commitment

70 CEOs and labor unions releasing a joint statement calling for the U.S. to remain in the Paris Agreement.

Amazon, Facebook, and other big U.S. tech companies afraid of Trump and/or keeping commitments to the environment, did not sign the statement.

Jon Fingas, via Engadget »

The CEOs of many companies, including tech giants like Apple, Adobe, Google, HP, Microsoft and Tesla, have signed a United For The Paris Agreement letter calling on the US to remain part of the effort to keep climate change in check. They argued that the international pact would “strengthen [US] competitiveness” by helping it lead the way in technologies that will usher in an eco-friendly future. It also sets “clear goals” that help with planning and spur innovation, the companies said.


The letter isn’t a binding commitment, and it’s unlikely to persuade a White House that has both ignored and tried to censor climate science. Nonetheless, it makes clear where numerous companies stand — and might pressure holdouts into changing their tune, if just for the sake of a better public image.

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Patagonia wants U.S. companies to give employees election day off

“On Election Day 2016, we closed all our retail stores nationwide, our distribution and customer service center in Nevada, and our headquarters in California, and gave all Patagonia employees paid time off so they could go vote,” writes Marcario. “This year, we’re doing it again. And this time, we’re actively encouraging other companies to join us. Because no American should have to choose between a paycheck and fulfilling his or her duty as a citizen.”

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Video: Torres del Paine Nationpark in Chile

Martin Heck | Timestorm Films:

My second visit to the southern tip of South America. My first trip in 2015 was incredible and resulted in some of my most successful videos. Even though this was a work-trip and I just had 4 days to spend in the amazing Torres del Paine Nationpark in Chile is was sight to behold. Early in spring snow, wind and stormy winds were always part of the game. Weather completely flipped from warm and calm into a snow-storm within minutes. But that’s what we expect and makes Patagonia such a special and wild place.

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